Cable Knit Rainbow

As low as £29.99

Our No. 1 Top Seller:  Luxurious fashionable Neon-Rainbow roll-neck classic Sweater.
Quality stretch-knit winter warm sweater snuggly fits dogs in colder seasons of the year.  A simple yet stylish classic, adorned with a minimalist contrasting logo embroidered dog and featuring our branded embossed metal bone charm.  This stylish, understated practical sweater is a great gift for prospective puppy owners, or to update any dog's winter wardrobe.


Why we ❤️:

  • Superior stretch-Knit enabling great fit for ALL Breeds
  • Great shape for longer breeds e.g. Dachshunds, Greyhounds, Mix breeds.
  • Excellent choice for Puppy's 1st sweater
  • Embroidered Logo intarsia
  • Petlondon branded metal Bone Charm
  • Well-shaped Under Belly protects against wet 
  • Sleeveless comfort provides constriction-free movement for ALL Breeds
  • Classic meets Practical
  • Washable
  • Any shape Puppia harness can easily be worn over this sweater for maximun practicality and co-ordination.




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