Fido's Flora Probiotic


Fido’s Flora is the first and only probiotics designed specifically for your dog. Scientists have identified and cultivated two uniquely canine species of probiotics (good bacteria) that are beneficial to the micro-biome in your dog's gut.

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We don’t know all that much about all the trillions of bugs that live in the gut so the best way to restore gut health is to find the probiotics that are already living in healthy dogs. So if your dog has more significant health or digestive issues, Fido’s Flora will do a more precise job of restoring some of the friendly bacteria communities. 

Fido’s Flora is a unique probiotic that could be given to dogs that have some health challenges such as allergies, cancer, organ or digestive disease. If your dog is healthy, I would still alternate it with Love Bugs to increase the diversity of bacteria you give your dog and to help protect him from mineral deficiency and dangerous heavy metal buildup. The holistic nature also considered at the world-wide problem of nutritional mineral soil depletion and added the king of soil-based organic minerals, Fulvic and Humic Acid.

This powerful combination adds vital minerals, helps feed the cells of the body and aids in the removal of toxic minerals and heavy metals.

These bacteria were specifically chosen to: - Strengthen your dog’s immune system - Help keep your dog’s gastrointestinal track calm during times of stress - Produce metabolites that fight against bacteria like E. coli and salmonella - Improve availability of nutrients to the diet - Improve production of neurotransmitters in the brain - Pass through stomach acid to work in the small intestine - Not be affected by antibiotics commonly prescribed to treat intestinal upset From Adored Beast. Larch Arabinogalactan (700mg per ½ tsp) Humic and Fulvic acids (558mg per ½ tsp) Multi strain probiotic blend including species specific patented probiotics (2 billion CFU per ½ tsp)\ Add to food once per day according to your dog’s weight dosage. 1-29 lbs 0.25 tsp 30-59 lbs 0.50 tsp 60-89 lbs 0.75 tsp 90+ lbs 1 tsp For use in Dogs only. Refrigerate after opening.