Heartbeat Puppy


MEET your NEW Puppy's '1st BESTIE' 


Petlondon's heartbeat pup effectively relieve seperation anxiety helping your pup settle into their new home. Suitable for puppies and also for older rescue dogs or dogs who are feeling unwell and unsettled.


In new surroundings a puppy can be anxious and stressed to help overcome these challenges, this pup is fitted with a unique heartbeat!  which effectively relieves seperation anxiety and helps them settle into their new home. 

Relieve the stress and anxiety your puppy can feel in their new home with this unique toy fitted with a 'realistic heartbeat', simulating the comforting sound of their mother and litter mates.  Activation is by a gentle squeeze on the pup's body or by your pup snuggling against their new little friend. 

  • Soft plush Heartbeat Pup lovely for a comforting cuddle 
    and assists as a little support pillow too !
  • Ideal for puppy's bed

The batteries are tucked inside a small, velcro pouch and can be taken out and removed completely if you needed to clean the puppy.

Measures 11" x 9"