New Puppy Checklist
When bringing a new puppy into your home there are several items that you will need to obtain. The following is a new puppy checklist to help you prepare and to make the transition easier.
Puppy Collar & Leash
Buy these before you pick up your new puppy so that you can put the collar on your dog when you pick it up. Buy a small sized collar to start with and don’t try to buy one that will last a lifetime.

PetLondon collars start from a really tiny 6” size, which you will need for very small breed puppies. All puppies vary but please refer to our size guide below, based on a puppy that is being collected at 8-12 weeks old.

Tiny breeds eg Chihuahua or Toy Yorkshire Terrier 6”, Small Breeds eg West Highland Terrier 8” – 10”, Medium Breeds eg Cocker Spaniel 10” – 12”, Large Breeds eg Labrador 12” – 14”.

You may want to consider an adjustable nylon collar that will grow with your puppy, such as the cupcake collar set or star collar set.
This is great for training on the lead as it puts no pressure on the neck and is veterinarian approved. Out soft harness is our no.1 best seller worldwide! Use your collar in the house and put on a harness when you take your puppy for walks.
Food & Water Bowls
You will need 2 separate bowls. Try to choose a size appropriate for your breed. A good starter bowl we can recommend is the character picnic and character love bowls. If you plan on taking your puppy out and about then a collapsible travel bowl is an essential item to keep them hydrated.
Puppy Playpen
Here at PetLondon we advocate the use of a puppy playpen, it is much kinder than a cage but is a safe way to keep your puppy contained and out of harms way if they are unsupervised or at night. You should make one end of the playpen a sleeping and play area and at the other end place a puppy pad.
Choose a Good Quality Food
If the food your puppy has been on is of low quality don’t be afraid to switch it. We always advise consulting a veterinarian on the food that is best for your particular breed.
Stain & Odour Products
These you will need for sure, no matter how much you hope that you won’t. There are many products on the market; we recommend Puppy Stain and Odor Remover.
Puppy Training Pads
Puppy pads can be used to start housetraining your puppy and as a place to go when you can’t take the puppy outside.

They are scented waterproof mats that will encourage your puppy to pee on that exact spot. Always reward you puppy with a treat or praise when they hit the right spot.
Chew Toys
Everything goes in a puppy’s mouth so be sure to provide plenty of toys and things that you won’t mind it chewing on. Its great to give your puppy different textures to play with; rubber, plush or rope etc.

Toys help occupy your puppy as well as helping with teething. Remember also many puppies like to have a stuffed toy that is larger then them to cuddle up to when sleeping, such as cuddles the chimp.

Rotate toys regularly to prevent boredom and if you find the house is getting overrun with toys, you can always pick up a toy bucket to store them in!
Training Treats
It is never too early to start training your new puppy! For training choose a small sized treat low in calories that you can carry in your pocket.

Most dogs are food motivated and you will use these treats as rewards, or occasionally brides, in the training of your dog!

You want to choose a small treat for this purpose as you don’t want to give a large biscuit every time your dog responds correctly. Our best selling puppy treats are Puppia Milk Treats.
Make sure you use a special puppy shampooas your pups skin is delicate and sensitive at this age. Don’t forget to start good brushing habits early on. Start with a soft-sided puppy brush.
Identification Tags
You will want to get an ID Tag fairly quickly in case your puppy escapes on you and it’s the law that all pets must wear one.
For the early going we recommend using something soft and snugly and moreover machine washable! A great puppy starter bed is the Mademoiselle or Monsieur Bed. Consider the size your puppy is now and the size it will grow into.
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