PetLondon Franchises

So you’re considering owning your own business. Even more exciting, you are thinking about opening a PetLondon Franchise.

For the right person, it is a wonderful opportunity to own your own business and become part of an organization that has experienced tremendous success. To see if this opportunity is right for you, please read through the following information:

Our History
PetLondon first launched in 2001 and quickly blossomed into the UK’s leading unique pet product manufacturer.

The founder and her rescued crossbreed Poppy were on a mission to bring some fun and exciting products into the UK pet sector, which previously had been all about dull green wax raincoats and very little choice for consumers.

PetLondon products are sought out by customers because they are renowned for high quality and unique products.

The extensive range of over 1000 products includes fashionable pet apparel, carriers, toys, treats and accessories.

PetLondon products are well-known worldwide and PetLondon is widely recognized as the market leader in the UK pet industry.

Our Ethos
With the use of The PetLondon Gang character dogs and cats we create a fun shopping experience for our customers and their pets.

We offer a vast choice of products in a variety of tastes and budgets so there is something for every-one and the consumer experiences a feeling of being like a “kid in a sweet-shop”.

PetLondon realises the importance of good packaging and we employ a dedicated a team of designers to creating the very best styles and designs.

Who Are We Looking for?
As we begin to grow our business through franchising, our focus isn’t on opening as many stores as possible, but on finding the right fit for our unique business and interested parties.

The successful franchisee candidate will be someone who has a passion for pets, understands the connection between humans and family pets, has retail and/or service industry experience, has business management experience, is self motivated, outgoing and fun!

We are looking to partner with owner-operators, not just investors.

Franchisees can anticipate working in their store up to 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. It’s a lot of work, but a labor of love for the right person.

Where Are We Looking?
The ideal location for a PetLondon is a metropolitan area with a population of 500,000 or more.

The more footfall you have outside the shop the more successful it will be and this will be reflected in profits.

How Much Money Will it Cost?
The estimated total investment to open a PetLondon franchise is £30,000-£70,000. This amount varies widely depending on store size and location.

Shopfittings and lease expenses will play a large role in the total investment. The estimated total investment is for everything you need to open a store including a one-time franchise fee, construction expenses, capital equipment, store inventory, supplies, rental deposit, initial advertising and opening expenses.

What do You Get for Your Fees?
As a Franchisee, you get the rights to our trademarked name and logo, preferred PetLondon franchisee pricing and the use of our exclusive operations manual that details how to successfully operate a PetLondon.

Most importantly, you get the partnership and assistance of a highly experienced and successful team of retail and business experts.

We will be there in the beginning to help you get your store off the ground, give you the training you need to open and operate your store, and to share the secrets that have made our brand such a popular success.

Most importantly, we will continue to be your partner after your store opens to provide you with ongoing support, training and industry innovations.

You will be provided with designs for adverts, promotional cards, stationary, posters, carrier bags and much more. All these help to maintain a strong brand image.

Other franchisee benefits also include full guidance and assistance with shop layout and fittings and full exclusivity to retail the products in your territory. We will also promote your business and direct customers to you.

We have been down the road of a start-up business and have worked out many of the obstacles and kinks that a new business experiences.

By becoming a PetLondon Franchisee you will be able to draw on our experience and have the advantage of not having to guess and make mistakes that disable so many new businesses.

Your success is our success and we will be there every step of the way to support your efforts.

What is the Next Step?
If the information outlined above fits your business plan, then the next step is to schedule a meeting with us.

Thanks for your interest in a PetLondon franchise. Whether with us or a different route, we wish you much success in your journey!