Surprise Sweets ! ....... 3 Toys in 1

Surprise Sweets 3 Toys in 1

The Pup Sweet Shop is 'Open' 3 Suprise crinkly squeaky Toys in 1 


Each surprise Sweet Treat is designed for your pup to ENJOY and DESTROY!
As each plush toy has a 2nd plushy toy inside and a 3rd spikey squeaky ball inside that!

  • SURPRISES! that will keep your pup guessing what's coming next.  
  • 3 TOYS IN 1: Destroy the Sweet Treat to reveal the 2nd toy inside and let your pup keep investigating to reveal the 3rd toy inside!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL:  Our 3 Sweet Treats. (1) Cotton Candy (2) Taffy Apple (3) Snow Cone, each concealing  2 toys inside to keep the fun going.
  • ACTIVE PLAY: Great for toss and fetch


FUN'S NEVER DONE: Designed with a spiky squeaker ball inside and 2 layers of fuzzy plush on the outside, our Sweet Treats are great for fetch from the start, but don't worry if your pup destroys the plushy outside! The fun keeps going when they reveal the spiky ball hidden inside for new textured chomping play

COLLECT THEM ALL! Styles may vary.  You will recieve one of three designs.

Size:  7" long x 3.5" wide