Surprise Tails ! ......... 2-in-1 Toy

Surprise Tails 2-in-1 Toy

Each ball conceals a brightly coloured little character with an appealing long bushy tail


Our new Surprise Tailz were designed for you and your pup to unbox each toy to reveal a fun surprise inside!

As each ball conceals 1  of our adorable 3 Surprise Tailz animals inside ready for your pup to pull out and play with. 


Why we ❤️:


  • 2 TOYS IN 1: Re-stuff the toy ball with your Surprise Tailz animal and watch your dog's enjoyment trying to pull it out again and again.

  • NO STUFFING = NO MESS:   Surprise Tailz are filled with crinkle that dogs love for floppy fun play.

  • INTERACTIVE: Great for fetch and especially for shaking play.

  • Each toy ball has 1 of 3 colourful Tailz Characters to Surprise ! 
    Let your dog pull the tail out of the toy ball to reveal either Charlie the Cheetah, Marley the Monkey or Uma the Unicorn.

Size: 19.7" x 3.9"