Advanced Cleaning Lipo-Gel

This brand new LIPO-GEL is a tooth-cleaning gel composed of gentle cleaning agents and selected oils. Its innovative formula cleans the teeth effectively and forms a protective film on the teeth and gums. It is most effective when used together with the anti-plaque or silicone finger for complete control during cleaning ensuring the gel acts in hard to reach places. The tooth gel is harmless if swallowed.

Content: 100ml

Early adoption of regular hygiene schedule is useful so the dog can get used to brushing. Use the Lipo-Gel for daily cleaning together with the finger brushes. Apply a little bit of dental toothpaste and clean the outer and inner areas of the canine and molar teeth with equal circling movements.

Product benefits and effectiveness
- Includes almond and safflower oil for the prevention of tartar and bad breath
- soft abrasive particles for improved removal of plaque and cleaning
- Oil film seals the peridontal pockets - softening tartar
- High percentage of unsaturated fatty acid
- Cell-protective vitamin E protects the gum and keeps it moist
- No alcohol and preservatives