Amber Flea & Tick Repellant Necklace

As low as £26.00
Amber is nature's way to protect your pet from bugs. Amber contains terrines which produce an aroma that is a natural repellant of fleas and ticks. These gorgeous necklaces are hand crafted from premium quality raw and natural ampere gems. Help to protect your dog in the outdoors without the need for any chemicals. The amber in this dog necklace reacts with friction from the pets fur to creat an aroma that is charged and repels ticks and fleas.

High quality product made with amber is sourced from the Baltic Sea aged between 60-80 million years old. Each necklace is unique and one of a kind which make it special.

100% natural chemical free and safe with unique electrostatic properties.

Natural Anti- inflammatory, Calm and Pain Relieving, Boosts immunity and is long lasting.