T-Shirts for Dogs

Extensive collection of designer dog t-shirts for puppies and adult dogs. We supply premium quality tees, and t-shirts for your pets, dogs or cats, in a variety of colours, designs and patterns. You will find a variety of on trend colours including black, beige, blue, camo, cream, grey, pink, purple, red and white t-shirts. We also have floral, stripes, spots, slogans and British themes. Brands stocked include PetLondon, Puppia, Pinkaholic and LouisDog.
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  1. Vinca Orange-50% Off
    Vinca Orange-50% Off
    As low as £12.99
  2. Union Jack T-Shirt
    Union Jack T-Shirt
    As low as £24.99
  3. Ice Lolly Soak Me Top
    Ice Lolly Soak Me Top
    As low as £35.00
  4. Pawish Peach
    Pawish Peach
    As low as £35.00
  5. Pawish Aqua
    Pawish Aqua
    As low as £35.00
  6. Bear Denim Hoody
    Bear Denim Hoody
    As low as £42.00
  7. Strawberry Tank
    Strawberry Tank
    As low as £38.00
  8. Summer Soak me Top
    Summer Soak me Top
    As low as £36.00
  9. Gelato Top
    Gelato Top
    As low as £36.00
  10. Love You Top
    Love You Top
    As low as £36.00
  11. Tigger Blush
    Tigger Blush
    As low as £36.00
  12. Tigger Beige
    Tigger Beige
    As low as £36.00
  13. Aurora Tweed Cream
    Aurora Tweed Cream
    As low as £65.00
  14. Aurora Tweed Pink
    Aurora Tweed Pink
    As low as £65.00
  15. Lovely Luna Top Lilac
    Lovely Luna Top Lilac
    As low as £32.00
  16. Organic Bear Top
    Organic Bear Top
    As low as £35.00
  17. Keanu Purple
    Keanu Purple
    As low as £34.00
  18. Keanu Pink
    Keanu Pink
    As low as £34.00
  19. Berry Ruffle Top
    Berry Ruffle Top
    As low as £38.00
  20. Organic Jelly Bear Top
    Organic Jelly Bear Top
    As low as £65.00
  21. Grape Jam T-shirt
    Grape Jam T-shirt
    As low as £38.00
  22. Strawberry Jam T-shirt
    Strawberry Jam T-shirt
    As low as £38.00
  23. Dog Swimsuit
    Dog Swimsuit
    As low as £30.00
  24. Sun Shield Lavender
    Sun Shield Lavender
    As low as £32.00
  25. Sunshield Ocean
    Sunshield Ocean
    As low as £32.00
  26. Sunshield Pistachio
    Sunshield Pistachio
    As low as £32.00
  27. Sunshield Coral
    Sunshield Coral
    As low as £32.00
  28. Jelly Bear Tank Pink
    Jelly Bear Tank Pink
    As low as £28.00
  29. Honey Bear Coconut
    Honey Bear Coconut
    As low as £55.00
  30. Macaroon Top 50% Off
    Macaroon Top 50% Off
    As low as £9.00
  31. Sequin Flag Hoody
    Sequin Flag Hoody
    As low as £34.00
  32. Party Bow Tie Shirt
    Party Bow Tie Shirt
    As low as £34.99
  33. OG Skater Hoodie Black
    OG Skater Hoodie Black
    As low as £42.00
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Items 1-36 of 59

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do your dog t-shirts come in?

Our t-shirts for dogs are available in a range of size. The smallest size available is around 6” in length and the biggest size available is about 20” in length. Not all styles are available in all sizes. We have a range of options for most dog breeds, small and large.

How do I measure my dog to work out what size t-shirt to get?

To measure your dog, it is ideal to use a soft tape measure. Check their back length from base of neck to start of tail and, check their chest measurement, behind the front legs, all the way around the body. Once you have these sizes you can compare them to the size chart on each product page.

Are your t-shirts machine washable?

Each t-shirt will have washing label inside advising the recommended way to keep them clean. Most will be machine washable, please pay attention to not washing or drying them to hot to avoid any damage to decals or shrinkage.

My dog has sensitive skin and/or allergies, would it be ok for them to wear a t-shirt?

We offer some styles of dog shirt that are 100% organic, these would be a great choice for dogs with sensitive skin. If your dog allergies that make him or her prone to itching, this can often make the condition worse, so using a t-shirt as a barrier to stop the itching can be helpful.

Can my dog wear a harness with the tshirt?

Yes absolutely, since the t-shirt fabric is often not very thick we usually recommend dogs wearing their harness over the top of their t-shirt. A great choice is our X-Harness shape which can be easily adjust depending upon if your dog is wearing it alone or over a tshirt.