Alpaca Sleeve Castor Grey

As low as £72.00
Incredible Fitting!
Bang on trend for this winter season, the furry sleeve look is in!
- Exceptional quality Alpaca fiber from German Meister, Steiff
- Harmless natural fiber
- Light yet durable Alpaca on sleeves with lovely Japanese ribbon
- Warm and flexible fleece line for easy wearing
- Broaden arm hole
* Perfect for active furry friends
- Available in 2 colors: Castor Grey, Coconut Milk

- Available in 6 sizes: XS, S, S/M, M, L, XL
XS 19/27/18.5
S 22/31/19.5
S/M 24/35/23.5
M 27/39/26.5
L 30/44/29.5
XL 33/49/32.5