Huge dog sweater & jumper selection from London’s leading pet boutique. Browse PetLondon’s collection of high quality premium dog sweaters, jumpers and pet pullovers. London’s largest selection of fashionable dog hoodies, colourful cashmere jumpers, chic woollen sweaters and warm comfortable pullovers are plentiful. Apparel exclusives from the pet fashion house LouisDog are available from us directly, including cashmeres, Scottish tweeds and German master crafted wools.
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  1. Bunny Knit Cocoa
    Bunny Knit Cocoa
    As low as £38.00
  2. Bunny Knit Rose
    Bunny Knit Rose
    As low as £38.00
  3. Monaco Snuggle Hoody
    Monaco Snuggle Hoody
    As low as £45.00
  4. Cable Knit Baby Blue
    Cable Knit Baby Blue
    As low as £31.99
  5. Cable Knit Baby Pink
    Cable Knit Baby Pink
    As low as £31.99
  6. Cable Knit Wine
    Cable Knit Wine
    As low as £31.99
  7. Cable Knit Electric Blue
    Cable Knit Electric Blue
    As low as £31.99
  8. Cable Knit Ochre
    Cable Knit Ochre
    As low as £31.99
  9. Cable Knit Teal
    Cable Knit Teal
    As low as £31.99
  10. Cable Knit Honeycomb
    Cable Knit Honeycomb
    As low as £31.99
  11. Cable Knit Hot Pink
    Cable Knit Hot Pink
    As low as £29.99
  12. Butter Teddy Hoody
    Butter Teddy Hoody
    As low as £55.00
  13. Panda Sweater
    Panda Sweater
    As low as £38.00
  14. Maycie White
    Maycie White
    As low as £39.99
  15. Maycie Pink
    Maycie Pink
    As low as £39.99
  16. Zip Harness Fleece
    Zip Harness Fleece
    As low as £44.00
  17. Irene Luxe Sweater
    Irene Luxe Sweater
    As low as £79.99
  18. Fair Isle Cardigan
    Fair Isle Cardigan
    As low as £38.00
  19. British PJs
    British PJs
    As low as £36.00
  20. Titus Pink
    Titus Pink
    As low as £65.00
  21. Titus Beige
    Titus Beige
    As low as £65.00
  22. Titus Navy
    Titus Navy
    As low as £65.00
  23. Zip Up Fleece
    Zip Up Fleece
    As low as £38.00
  24. British Paw Hoody
    British Paw Hoody
    As low as £29.99
  25. British Bus Knit
    British Bus Knit
    As low as £29.99
  26. Teddy Fleece
    Teddy Fleece
    As low as £17.50
  27. Vance Wine
    Vance Wine
    As low as £62.00
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Items 1-36 of 109

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my dog need a sweater?

Whether and when your dog needs a sweater depends on various factors such as their breed, coat type, age, size, health and especially the weather conditions. Smaller dogs and breeds with short fur may benefit from wearing a sweater in the colder months of the year. Puppies, senior dogs or pets with health conditions may find it harder to regulate their body temperature and for them a sweater may help them feel more comfortable. Weather conditions may vary depending on where dogs live, for outdoor activities in harsher climates a sweater may be especially beneficial for your dog.

What material are your dog sweaters made from?

Our dog sweaters are made from high-quality materials designed to provide warmth, comfort, and durability for your dog We offer a variety of options to suit different preferences and needs:
Wool - A natural fiber that provides excellent insulation, keeping your dog warm even in winter weather. Wool is also breathable, moisture-wicking, and resistant to odors, making it a popular choice for dog sweaters
Fleece - A soft, lightweight material that provides warmth without adding weight. It's gentle on your dog's skin and offers excellent insulation, making it ideal for cooler temperatures.
Acrylic - Mimics the warmth and softness of wool. It's machine washable, quick-drying, and retains its shape well, making it a practical choice for dog sweaters. Cotton-breathable, comfortable, and easy to care for. While it may not provide as much warmth as wool or fleece, it's suitable for mild climates or indoor wear.

My dogs is very slim, which design would be a good sweater for him/her?

Our cable knit dog sweaters are a great choice for slim dogs. Their shape is long and narrow and the cling well to the dogs form.

How do I know what size sweater to choose for my dog?

We suggest to find the best size sweater for your dog, measure with a soft tape measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail for length, and around chest just behind the front legs for girth. Consult the sizine guide on each product page to check which size is most suitable in comparison to your measurements. Most sweaters are quite stretchy meaning length may be the most important size to consider.

Will just a sweater be warm enough?

If it is a very cold day and you are concerned your dog might not be warm enough in just a sweater then you could consider layering a coat or waterproof raincoat/windbreaker over the top of the jumper.