Premium dog raincoats and waterproof dog jackets. All 100% waterproof raincoats for your pets. Suitable for both the winter & summer seasons. Large selection of lightweight durable & breathable rain jackets & raincoats for every occasion. Keep your dog dry in the rain with PetLondon and Puppia luxury rainmacs available in popular colours such as red, yellow, green, beige, navy, brown, grey, black, pink, orange & camo.
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  1. Nautical Raincoat
    Nautical Raincoat
    As low as £65.00
  2. Silver Reflective Coat
    Silver Reflective Coat
    As low as £55.00
  3. Racer Raincoat
    Racer Raincoat
    As low as £36.99
  4. Candy Raincoat
    Candy Raincoat
    As low as £35.00
  5. Stretch Raincoat - Navy
    Stretch Raincoat - Navy
    As low as £55.00
  6. The Mountaineer II
    The Mountaineer II
    As low as £68.00
  7. BIG DOG Base
    BIG DOG Base
    As low as £55.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do your dog raincoats come in?

Our raincoats are available in a range of sizes, from S to XXXXXL, to accommodate breeds of all shapes and sizes. You will find a size guide on each product page and if you need any extra help with fitting your dog please call or email us, or you are even welcome to pop in and try them on.

How to I measure my dog to ensure I select the right size raincoat?

To find the perfect fit for your dog, measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail for length, and around chest just behind the front legs for girth. Consult our sizing guide on each product page to check which size is most suitable in comparison to your measurements.

Are your raincoats waterproof?

Yes, our pet raincoats are made from waterproof fabrics to keep dog dry and comfortable during rainy walks or outdoor adventures. They are suitable for rain and wind.

How much of my dog’s body will the raincoat keep dry?

All our raincoats cover the chest and back area. Some of our raincoats provide even more body coverage, we have designs with the front legs covered or all four legs protected from getting wet.

Will my dog be happy wearing a hood?

Some of our raincoats include a hood to keep your pets head protected from the elements. Many dogs appreciate having their ears and head warm and dry but if not the hood can always be worn down.