Premium. healthy, wholesome, 100% natural and super nutritious dog treats and food stocked. Our range includes dog treats with superfoods, including: Chia seeds, coconut, pumpkin, venison. Central London McAdams stockist of free -range chicken dry dog food, packed with green mussels & sweet potato, and omega-3 rich salmon.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of dog and cat food are available?

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality dog and cat food to cater to various dietary needs and preferences. Our selection includes dry kibble, wet food, and air-dried food, all made from premium, natural ingredients. Some of our standout options feature free-range chicken, turkey, and omega-3 rich salmon, ensuring that your pet gets the best nutrition possible. Each product is formulated to provide balanced meals that support overall health and well-being, including options for pets with specific dietary requirements such as grain-free and hypoallergenic diets. We only carry premium quality pet food that we would feed to our own dogs.

Do you have treats with health benefits?

Yes, our treats are not only delicious but many are also packed with health benefits. We carefully select ingredients known for their nutritional value and health-boosting properties. For instance, our treats often include superfoods such as chia seeds, coconut, and pumpkin. These ingredients are chosen for their ability to support various aspects of your pet's health, including digestion, skin and coat health, and dental hygiene. Whether you're looking for training rewards or just a special snack, our treats provide both taste and nutrition.

Are there eco-friendly or travel-friendly options for bowls?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of convenience and sustainability, which is why we offer a range of eco-friendly and travel-friendly bowls. Our collapsible travel bowls are perfect for pet owners on the go, making it easy to provide your pet with food and water wherever you are. These bowls are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. Additionally, we offer everyday use bowls made from sustainable materials, ensuring that you can reduce your environmental footprint while taking care of your pet's needs.

How do I choose the right food for my pet

Choosing the right food for your pet involves considering several factors such as age, size, breed, and any specific health concerns or dietary needs. Our website provides detailed product descriptions and ingredient lists to help you make an informed decision. For example, puppies and kittens have different nutritional needs compared to adult or senior pets, so we offer specialized formulas for each life stage. If your pet has allergies or sensitivities, look for our hypoallergenic or grain-free options

Can I find hypoallergenic options?

Yes, we offer a variety of hypoallergenic food options designed for pets with allergies or dietary sensitivities. These products are formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions by using limited ingredients and avoiding common allergens such as grains, soy, and artificial additives. Our hypoallergenic range includes both dry and wet food, ensuring that you can find a suitable option for your pet's preferences. These foods provide balanced nutrition while being gentle on your pet's digestive system.

FAre your products suitable for puppies and kittens?

Yes, we offer a range of products specifically formulated for the nutritional needs of puppies and kittens. These young pets require diets that support their rapid growth and development. Our puppy and kitten foods are enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins to promote healthy bones, muscles, and overall development. We also have specially designed treats that are safe and beneficial for young pets, helping you start them off on the right paw with proper nutrition and care.

What are the benefits of a raised feeder?

Raised feeders offer several benefits for both dogs and cats. They can improve your pet's posture by reducing the need to bend down, which can be particularly beneficial for older pets or those with arthritis or joint issues. Elevated feeders also aid in digestion by allowing food to travel more efficiently from the mouth to the stomach, reducing the risk of gastrointestinal problems such as bloating. Additionally, raised feeders can help keep feeding areas cleaner by preventing food and water spills.

Do you sell single-ingredient treats?

Yes, we offer a selection of single-ingredient treats that are perfect for pets with specific dietary needs or allergies. These treats are made from a single protein source, such as chicken, beef, or fish, without any added fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. Single-ingredient treats are a great option for pet owners who want to provide a pure, natural snack that supports their pet's health and well-being. They are also ideal for training and rewarding your pet without the risk of triggering allergies.

How many dog bowls do I need?

The number of dog bowls you need can vary depending on your pet's lifestyle and your convenience. At a minimum, it's recommended to have at least two bowls: one for food and one for water. If you have multiple pets, each pet should have their own set of bowls to prevent competition and ensure they have access to their own food and water. Additionally, having extra bowls can be useful for travel, outdoor activities, or simply to have a clean set ready while the others are being washed. For pets on special diets or those who eat wet and dry food, having separate bowls for each type of food can also be beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of dog and cat food do you offer?

At PetLondon, we provide a wide range of premium, nutritious, and natural food options for both dogs and cats. Our selection includes dry food, wet food, and an array of tasty treats. Our products are designed to cater to the diverse dietary needs of your pets, ensuring they receive the best possible nutrition.

Do you offer special dietary options for pets?

Yes, we understand that some pets have specific dietary requirements, and we offer specialized food options to meet these needs. Our selection includes grain-free, gluten-free, and hypoallergenic options, as well as foods enriched with superfoods such as chia seeds, coconut, and pumpkin. We also stock food for pets with sensitivities and allergies, ensuring they can enjoy a healthy, balanced diet.

What are some examples of your premium dog food products?

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality dog food products that promote health and well-being. Some examples include: • Free-range chicken dry dog food, enriched with green mussels and sweet potato. • Omega-3 rich salmon-based foods, which support skin and coat health. • Lamb-based training treats that are perfect for rewarding good behavior. • Duck and venison sausages, which are both delicious and nutritious.

What are some examples of your premium cat food products?

Our cat food selection is equally diverse and high-quality. Examples include: • Gourmet wet food options, such as chicken and tuna fillets in gravy. • Grain-free dry food that is gentle on sensitive stomachs. • Specially formulated kitten food to support growth and development. • Natural cat treats made from real meat and fish, providing a healthy snack option.

Do you sell feeding accessories?

Yes, we offer a variety of stylish and functional feeding accessories to enhance your pet's mealtime experience. Our range includes: • Elevated and adjustable glass feeders, available in different colors to suit your home decor. • Heart-shaped bowls that add a touch of charm to feeding time. • Travel water bottles and bowls, perfect for hydrating your pet on the go. • Non-slip feeding mats to keep your pet's eating area clean and tidy.

What types of treats do you offer for training purposes

Training treats can be an essential part of pet training, and we offer a variety of options to suit different preferences. Our selection includes: • Lamb puppy training treats, which are soft and easy to chew. • Sliced duck and venison sausages, which are highly palatable and nutritious. • Swiss Cowers training crunchies, which are made from high-quality ingredients and are perfect for training sessions.

How do I choose the right food for my pet?

Choosing the right food for your pet depends on several factors, including age, size, breed, and any specific dietary needs they may have. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian to determine the best food for your pet's unique requirements. Our knowledgeable staff are also available to assist you in trying to select the appropriate food and treats.T

Are your products high-quality?

?All our products are carefully selected to meet the highest standards of quality. We try to source our dog and cat food and treats from reputable manufacturers who use high-quality, natural ingredients. Our commitment to quality ensures that your pets receive the best possible nutrition and care.

How can I introduce a new food to my pet?

Introducing a new food to your pet should be done gradually to avoid digestive upset. We recommend mixing a small amount of the new food with your pet's current food, gradually increasing the proportion of the new food over 7-10 days. This slow transition allows your pet's digestive system to adjust to the new diet, ensuring a smooth and successful switch.

Do you offer advice on pet nutrition and care?

Yes, our team is passionate about pet health and nutrition and is always available to offer advice and support. Whether you have questions about choosing the right food, managing dietary sensitivities, or understanding your pet's nutritional needs, we are here to help. You can reach us by phone, email, or visit our showroom for personalised assistance.

How can I contact PetLondon for more information?

You can contact us at 020 7580 7580 for any inquiries or visit our showroom at 16 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 2RF. Our team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about our products and services.