Premium luxury London Pet Boutique Dog Carriers. High end comfortable dog and pet carriers. Designer lightweight dog handbag designs: luxury tote bags, discreet shoulder bags, warm and cosy pet baskets and comfortable secure puppy slings. Airline approved Sherpa pet carriers for dogs to travel in cabin in the air. All our bags have plentiful airflow for pet comfort and safety.
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  1. Urban Sling
    Urban Sling
    As low as £48.00
  2. Black Nano Carrier
    Black Nano Carrier
    As low as £125.00
  3. Tanki Carier
    Tanki Carier
    As low as £75.00
  4. Teddy Carrier
    Teddy Carrier
    As low as £85.00
  5. Messenger Sling
    Messenger Sling
    As low as £79.99
  6. Velvety Bag
    Velvety Bag
    As low as £200.00
  7. Paloma Bag
    Paloma Bag
    As low as £69.99
  8. Little Tote Bag
    Little Tote Bag
    As low as £65.00
  9. Snuggle Sling
    Snuggle Sling
    As low as £65.00
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Items 1-36 of 52

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pet carrier for airline travel? /strong>

The best pet carrier for airline travel is one that meets airline regulations and provides comfort and safety for your pet. Look for carriers with ventilated sides, a secure closure, and ample space for your pet to turn around. Popular options include airline-approved pet carriers like our Sherpa brand options designed especially for air travel. Since some airlines have their own special rules, be sure to check with your airline. You are welcome to bring your pet into our London showroom to test out the airline carriers before purchasing.

How do I choose the right size pet carrier for my dog or cat? /strong>

To choose the right size pet carrier for your dog or cat, measure your pet’s length from nose to base of tail and their height from floor to top of the head. Add a few inches to these measurements for comfort. Ensure the carrier allows your pet to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Check our sizing chart on each product page for specific recommendations. Generally, the carriers are suitable for dogs up to 20lbs only. Remember, the right size pet carrier ensures your pet's safety and comfort during travel, be it a short trip or a long journey.

Are pet backpacks suitable for hiking with dogs?

Yes, pet backpacks can be good for hiking with dogs as long as they are designed for outdoor use. Look for durable materials, secure closures, and adequate ventilation. Padded straps and an ergonomic design will ensure comfort for both you and your pet. Our pet backpacks, such as the Adventure Pet Backpack and the Explorer, are perfect for adventurous outings, providing your pet with a secure and comfortable place while you explore nature together.

Can I use a pet sling carrier for a small puppy, dog or cat? E

Yes, pet sling carriers are ideal for small dogs, puppies and cats. They provide a cozy, secure space for your pet and allow for close contact, which can be comforting. Choose a sling with a padded strap and breathable fabric for maximum comfort and check for a safety strap. Our pet sling carriers like the Hug Me Sling and the Hands-Free Pet Carrier are perfect for quick trips and daily errands.

What features should I look for in a pet shoulder bag?

When choosing a pet shoulder bag, look for features such as adjustable straps, durable materials, and multiple ventilation points. It should also have a secure closure and pockets for storing essentials like treats and waste bags. Our collection of pet shoulder bags offers stylish and functional options to suit your needs.

How can I make my pet comfortable in a new carrier?

To make your pet comfortable in a new carrier, start by introducing the carrier at home. Place familiar items like a favorite toy or blanket inside. Allow your pet to explore the carrier at their own pace. Gradually increase the time they spend in the carrier and offer treats and positive reinforcement. Our carriers are designed to provide a cozy and secure environment for your pet. Many of our customers report that their pets love their carriers.

Are your pet carriers easy to clean?

Yes, our pet carriers are designed with easy cleaning in mind. Most of our carriers have removable and washable liners or mats. For fabric carriers, spot cleaning is usually sufficient. Regular cleaning helps maintain a hygienic environment for your pet.