Cat Microfibre Anti-Plaque Finger Brush

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The innovative microfibre finger brush helps to prevent the build up of plaque and tartar. It is recommended to brush your cat's teeth regularly daily. The innovative bogadent Anti-Plaque Finger consists of 20,000 particularly high-quality microfibres, which are coated with silver-ions. The patented technology allows for a sustained release of ions causing an antibacterial effect. The brush adjusts to all finer sizes and is easy to clean.

Early adoption of regular hygiene schedule is useful so the cat can get used to brushing. Use bogadent® DENTAL LIPO-GEL for daily cleaning together with our bogadent® ANTI-PLAQUE FINGER or SILICONE FINGER. Apply a little bit of bogadent® DENTAL LIPO-GEL and clean the outer and inner areas of the canine and molar teeth with equal circling movements.

Product benefits
Antibacterial thanks to patented silver-ion technology
Abrasive microfibre structure for mechanical removal of plaque
Polymer coating for long-lasting effect
Fits all finger sizes, retains its shape
Washable and reusable for approx. 8 weeks
Clinically tested and recommended by veterinarians