Crocus Harness A

As low as £28.00
Jump through a meadow filled with flowers with the Crocus harness. Named after the flower from where saffron the most expensive herb can be found, this is a very special harness for your treasured furry little friend. The body of the jacket shaped harness is filled with an explosion of colours and bouquets. Complete with its own netted tutu trim.

Please consult the size chart below as they fit differently to the rest our the Puppia collection.

The Botanical Puppia A Harness is fully adjustable around the stomach with a cute wildflower pattern. The body is covered in luscious print style leaves in various different colours with abstract multi coloured lines criss-crossing around the pattern for an eye-catching effect. The Beige colourway has a ivory background with a beige trim and the Navy colour has a dark background in a matching navy trim.

The harness gives the walker extra control and ensures that the dog is comfortable by removing pressure from the trachea. Unlike when using a collar or strap harness there is no strain on the neck. The harness sits slightly lower on the dog than a collar so that it is more around the shoulders.

Many owners are familiar with the choking sound their dog makes when excitedly pulling on their collar and this causes irreversible damage over the long term. Any pressure exerted by the dog or owner is spread out across the whole body and chest area rather than at one point on the neck. The unique design also helps to prevent pulling.

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