Dog Cooling Vest - Blue

As low as £45.00
This Cooling Vest is perfect for when your dog needs to cool done during the warmer months or if you live in a hot country. You simply activate it by soaking it in cold water, wring it dry then place on your dog for a cooling effect. It is a comfortable fit and covers your dog's heart and chest which is really important for circulation. It has double the absorption capacity in comparison to terry cloth coats. Ideal for walks or doggy training sessions. It lasts for about 30-60 minutes depending on the heat intensity and whether you dog is running around in the sun or simply lying in the shade in the hot air. It is also machine washable so it is great just in case your dog gets it dirty or tries another cooling tactic or rolling around in the mud!

Size Width (inches)/Neck (inches)
XS 15/11
S 20/13
M 23/15.5
L 26/18.5
XL 30/20.5
XXL 38/26