Dog Mulitvitamin

An optimal supply of vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements is the basis for ensuring your dog has an healthy and active lifestyle. The vital nutrients contained in this MULTI-VITAMIN all the required for a healthy life and can help supplement missing areas from their diet. From Vitamin A all the way through to Zinc - these essential vitamins and minerals - strengthen the body, increase the immune system and improve vitality. Ideal for active dogs, growing dogs, at an older age, as well as those suffering from anxiety stress situations.

One tablet per day per 10kg of body weight as a reward or added to the regular dog food. Long-term administration recommended, pausing for two weeks every three months.

Content: 180g/120 Tablets

Composition: Whey powder, yeast, dextrose, poultry proteins, potato starch, minerals.
Analytical constituents: Protein 17.7%, fat content 2%, crude fibres 7.9%, crude ash 22%.
Additifs alimentaires par kg: Vitamin A 540000IE, Vitamin D 2000IE, Vitamin E 2260mg, Vitamin K 10mg, Vitamin C 13350mg, Vitamin B1 340mg, Vitamin B2 670mg, niacin 1340mg, Calcium-D-Pantothenat 1340mg, Vitamin B6 340mg, biotin 33400μg, folate 34mg, Vitamin B12 3340μg, iron (E1) 1250mg, cuivre (E4) 25mg, zinc (E6) 200mg, selen (E8) 500μg.