DTRN Explorer Bully Breed Harness

As low as £36.00
Designed specifically for the Bully Breeds: French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Pugs, Staffies & American Bulldogs. This is the newest urban street-wear for dogs. Designed to match the tough exteriors of these breeds the brand symbolises urban culture, taking heavy influence from inner city music and sports such as grime and skateboarding.

The Strap is fully adjustable around the neck and body. Simply place the head through the harness and then unclip and buckle the chest around the body. Made from tough black material with super strong buckle clips and metal O and D rings o attach the lead.

Please note the specific sizing for this harness. If you are unsure which size would fit your breed, please give us a call for a fitting

Size Chart

Size Neck Chest (cm)
S 30-43 / 34-45
M 40-62/ 50-70
L 55-102 / 65-100