Duffy is looking for a forever family in the UK, he can be seen in his video with his friend Bunny and other kennel mates in Beijing

Duffy is currently located in Beijing, China, and he's travel ready to embark on an exciting journey to meet his adopters in the UK.

Duffy is a small male dog with a heart full of love and a playful spirit. His big, expressive eyes and wagging tail will surely melt your heart. Despite his current situation, he remains optimistic, eagerly waiting for the perfect match to bring him home.

Our aim is to connect Duffy with his future parents in the UK, individuals or families who are ready to offer him a loving and forever home.


UPDATE JULY 2023 We are delighted to say that Duffy has found a wonderful family in London and he has settled in very well. Duffy has a beautiful garden of his very own and is living his best life.

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