Blitzen Harness A

As low as £26.99

Walking in Winter Wonderland

The Blitzen Soft Harness A-style is a fun seasonal Holiday Harness. The fabric is warm, cosy and luxurious. The design features red quilted plush with a white fluffy trim and lining with an adorable reindeer rubber label on the chest. A small fabric loop at the neck has a Puppia smart tag attached. This can be interchanged with an identification tag or a charm pendant if you wish. Matching leads are available. 

The Puppia Soft Harness is Veterinarian Approved and a worldwide best seller.
This unique design offers soft and spongy neck and chest padding, the ultimate comfort for your dog.  Easy to put on and off by simply slipping over your dog's head and then fastening the adjustable chest strap and sturdy buckle. There is a metal D-Ring on the back onto which you can attach your lead.

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