Flexi Neon Tape S

Flexi is world renowned for their patented retraction system that is superior to all others on the market. This retractable lead will provide you with the ability to give your dog freedom to move around with more space whilst still securely attached to you. You remain in control of your animal and can decide how much lead length to provide your dog. By pressing or locking the brake button you can customise the lead length. The lead always maintains a slight tension which will take up any slack. Manufactured in Germany. This neon design is stylish and eye catching and will guarantee high visibility for extra safety. . This highly reflective retractable lead offers increased safety for dogs and their owners after dark. In addition to the very visible neon-coloured tape, the lead also has a casing with reflective stickers on both sides. Micro prisms in the stickers make the lead visible when it is hit by headlights from up to 160 yards away.

5m of retractable length
For dogs up to a maximum weight of 12kg
With reflective components for night safety
Weighs only 160g
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