Hug Me Dog Sling Carrier

As low as £65.00
A Dog Sling is a perfect way to transport your pet or dog hands-free allowing you to interact, shop and interact freely with your pet. This simple dog carrier is an alternative to a bag and is a safe and secure way to transport your pet or puppy. Can be worn inside the house whilst you do chores or perfect for afternoon walks in the park or shopping around town. It features a draw-string pouch and toggle which you can adjust!

Simple to put on and take off by putting your arm through creating a secure and comfortable space for your dog to sit on. It sits on the hip of the body and it allows for you to have your dog close to your body. Perfect for newer puppies and nervous dogs who feel reassured with owner contact. This dog carrier is super chic with a denim jean pocket on the front for that impact statement.

Especially handy for puppies who need to socialise but aren't ready to walk on the ground or walk for a long distance and get tired quickly. A great alternative to traditional dog bags and carriers.

Recommended Maximum weight: 4.5kg

Dimensions: 74cm(height) x 28cm(width)