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Lucky Blue Rug


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Peekaboo Lucky Blue

Quick Overview

It’s exciting and fun Peekaboo/Denim.
- There are 2 entrances in the front and back!
Our friends can be in and out freely~
- Front : 2 Egyptian cotton ribbons on both side that holds the curtains and colorful garland~
- Back : A frilly curtain on the door
- A much wider front yard! It’s perfect for both elder friends and active friends
- Ribbons in front and back to tie up frame cover to the frame
- Available in 2 sizes: Petit, Grand

-Super light plastic frame: Easy to assemble & store
-Easy & Simple to wash: Keep it as new at all times

Petit: 45.5cm x 38.5cm x 51(H)cm
Grand: 57cm x 46cm x 61(H)cm

Please allow up to 14 days for deliver of this very special item

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