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Catnip Lounger-50% Off

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The oval shape of this product allows the cats to sleep on their sides with their backs securely and comfortably resting against the outside border. This cozy catnip hangout will provide your feline family member with her own place to rest. This cat bed provides warmth and comfort with an added catnip packet to refill the hidden catnip pocket attracting your cat to her own bed and away from household furniture. For most cats, catnip provides fun, focused energy and enthusiasm that mellows into purr pleasure. Small 16 x 20 size The Catnip Lounger features soft plush interior while exterior fabric is inspired by home dcor trends to seamlessly fit into your home. Pure, potent, organic catnip included. Secure, hidden pocket to refill with catnip. Vacuum fur from fabric. Surface wash using cloth with warm water and mild soap

Oval shape with sherpa bedding
Includes: .33 oz. pack of certified organic cat nip
Refillable catnip pouch inside the lounger

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