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SmartyKat Spinning String Fling


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Rowdy Rustler

Quick Overview

This electronic motion toy from Petlinks is designed to give your cat the thrill of the hunt as they would in the wild and is great for keeping them is shape. It comes with an erratically twirling ball that rustles inside the tent to grab your kitty's attention and get them leaping and bouncing all over the place for endless hours of entertainment. It provides the much needed exercise that your cat requires, even if they are a house cat as this toy is ideal for being played with inside.

This fun toy combats boredom as it can be used in three different ways:

- toy only: use the spinning toy alone for a game of bat and chase
- upright: hide the toy under the tent for teasing hide-and-seek fun
- collapsed: let the tent collapse and watch the rustling sounds bring out the hunter in your cat

Measures 9.5 x 8.3 x 4.3 inches

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