Itchy Dog Supplement

This supplement is packed with essential Omega 3 and 6 oils which help your dog cope with triggers, helping them strop scratching and feel more comfortable. The four major signs of itchy or sensitive include:
- Itching and scratch themselves
- Nibbling at their skin
- Lick their paws or rub their face on furniture
- Does their coat look like it needs attention?

Helps stops the urge to scratch with high levels of essential Omega 3 oils from Golden Flax seed support which can help strengthen your dog's hair follicles and improve the coat condition and in some cases their moulting. Enriched Omegas from cold-press Salmon oil helps to calm and sooth sensitive skin. Omega 6 nourishes the skin from within and improves the skin barrier from irritants. Added natural Vitamin E feeds a healthy coat.

The supplement is made from the finest sources, namely Golden Flax and Borage (Starflower) sees, which is cold-presses like the best virgin olive oil. The added natural Vitamin E (from natural plant sources) are there to mop up free radicals. The supplement also contains 100% natural Salmon Oil from the crystal clear fjords of Norway. From fishing boat to bottle-ready oil, it takes less than an hour to process our finest quality Salmon oil, so you can be sure your dog’s getting the freshest, most effective skin-soothing goodness.

Daily Feeding Guidelines
Just measure the amount recommended based on your dog’s weight – then pour it over your itchy dog’s food.

Daily Amount How many days will a bottle last?
250ml 500ml
Small Dogs (up to 10kg) 2.5ml 100 200
Medium Dogs (11-20kg) 5 - 7.5ml 34 - 50 67 -100
Large Dogs (21-30kg) 7.5 - 10ml 25 - 34 50 - 67
Very Large Dogs (Over 30kg) 10 - 15ml 17 - 25 34 - 50

Easy to use
It’s important to give your dog time to get used to new things you introduce into their diet, so try using half the daily recommendation for the first week before moving up to the recommended amount for your dog.

- Fish oil
- Golden Flax
- Salmon oil
- Starflower
- Vitamin E