Mini London Bus Toy


Paw...triotic Toy vibes reign!


Part of PetLondon's unique Great British collection, which you could say that we are almost famous for!   This collection really captures our British pride and perfectly represents our London based brand. 

The London bus iconically recognised around the world is the perfect souvenir to remember your time in London, or, is a great choice if you just love all things London.  The London bus is a lovely soft plush 'squeaky' dog toy which has amazing intricate embroidery featuring all the PetLondon characters in the windows.

Purchase this toy if your furry friend needs a plush companion.  Your dog will have endless fun playing with this toy whether it is by themselves or in a fun fetch game with you and your family!

Video shows all 3 of our Bus toys for size reference:  Cat Bus, Mini Bus and 3D Bus

Measures 7"



Safety Advice
Please remove all packaging and never leave this item unsupervised with your animal. It is recommended to select toys suitable for the playing/chewing habits of your pet as these can vary. Proper supervision is advised when playing with all toys to ensure no accidental swallowing or harm.