Magic Glow Raincoat

Magic Glow Raincoat
As low as £42.00

During daylight the coat is a classic grey colour, and at night, when the fabric picks up a beam of light it produces an amazing and multi-coloured magical reflective glow

  • Great for safety at night
  • Reflective outer-shell is waterproof
  • Pattern in the material shines brightly in multi-colours when caught in street or car headlights
  • Working pouch pocket to store things
  • Adjustable toggle straps on neck and back-can reduce lenght if needed
  • Quilted lining
  • Fastens with popper buttons
  • 5 different sizes for small to medium dogs


Size neck/chest/length

S 8"/10"/8"

M 10"/14"/10"

L 11"/15"/12"

XL 12"/16"/14"

XXL 14"/20"/16"

please note sizes run smaller than our usual sizes and these coats are fairly narrow cut so may be unsuitable for wider breeds