McAdams Dry Food for Small Dogs

This pet food is really unique and ground breaking. It uses only cruelty-free whole BRITISH Free Range chicken (no nasty carcass or meat meal like other pet foods) and is suitable for dogs of all ages.

Disenchanted with the quality of ingredients in most modern pet foods, McAdams carefully created a delicious dry food recipe which is full of health and nutrition benefits. Meat meal and grain free, it is made using only natural ingredients for your dog. Using whole British Free Range chickens, which are carefully blended with the finest natural ingredients including slow release carbohydrate sweet potato, cranberries which are rich in Vitamin C and mussels to support your dog's joints. This is slow roasted to make a delicious, natural and less processed pet food that retains more nutrients. Superior ingredients will lead to a healthier, happier diet for your dog.

Created for smaller dog breeds, it is easy for little mouths to manage. Try your dog on this delicious dinner. 2kg Bag
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