Mia is a very sweet girl who is likely a Pekingese mix. She has just had her summer haircut but usually has a beautiful full coat. Mia is currently waiting in Beijing and will be travelling to the UK soon.


Update June 2023

Mia has arrived in the UK and is being fostered whilst she awaits finding her forever family. Mia is a very mellow personality, she is shy at first but gains her confidence once she knows you. Mia is getting used to going for walks on a lead and adjusting to her new life which is a big change. She enjoys snuggling in her donut bed and especially loves mealtimes as she is getting to try new foods.


Update June 2023

Sweet Mia has found her forever family. She is now living in the English countryside surrounded by horses and lots of dog neighbours. She is living her best life and is loved and adored.


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