Navy Dog Car Seat

This comfortable dog seat is the latest offering with amazing design features to ensure the utmost comfort and safety for your dog. The outside of the car seat is covered in a tougher canvas-like material which is slightly scratch-resistant and showerproof. It is harder wearing than regular material so will be great for continuous use. It can be transported easily due to the carry handle found on the top of the car seat.

The dog car seat simple is simply attached into the car by firstly feeding an adjustable belt around the seat itself and adjusting it tight to the seat and secondly by feeding through a regular seatbelt behind through the
strap at the back of the car seat itself. This holds the car seat flush to the back of the seat. Your dog will be able to sit comfortably in the cushioned part in the centre with a restraint lip built into the dog car seat that is recommended to be attached to the harness. This will restrain your dog if the car stops or moves suddenly but gives enough length to allow them to sit or lye down.

The beige canvas material is complemented by the same coloured material inside which is filled with the softest filling for superior comfort. The body of the dog car seat is rigid and features a front-facing headrest for your furry friend to lie their head on for a little nap that is supported by a strap running underneath the body of the car seat.

If you have any questions regarding this Pet London dog car seat please do get in contact.

Width = 47.5cm
Length = 45cm
Total Height = 42cm
Height of Base = 25cm