No Hide Beef Chew Small

No-Hides are carefully blended chews blended with 7 pure & simple ingredients, hand-rolled, baked, coated and air-dried. These long lasting chews are designed to mimic raw-hide to prevent Boredom.

These chews are free of animal hide, formaldehydes, bleaches, or chemicals. No hormones or steroids. No-Hide chews for dogs and cats are made with only natural, nutritious ingredients that are easily digestible. No-Hide averaged 80% digestibility after 8 hours compared to 18% digestibility for rawhide.

Ingredients: Beef, Brown Rice Flour, Beef Gelatin, Organic Eggs, Olive Oil, Banana Powder, Bromelain (Pineapple)

After choosing the right size chew based upon your pet's weight (see size chart photo) please note that No-Hide chew should be observed under close supervision. More than anything, size matters and supervision counts. Make sure to always pick the right size for your dog (We always recommend choosing a chew that is larger than the mouth). Keep a close watch for small, torn off, and unrolled pieces (If this occurs, gently remove these immediately). Always monitor your dogs while they chew and be sure they have plenty of fresh, clean water nearby. If they cannot be supervised, remove the chew from their reach.