One stop shop in central London next to Oxford Street and Bond street Soho stations for premium puppy supplies for first time dog and puppy owners. We supply puppy play pens, soft puppy beds, warm snuggly puppy blankets, and puppy training pads for the arrival of the puppy. We have a large selection of specially designed puppy toys, including comfort, squeaker, teething and latex puppy toys.
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  1. Baby Angel Dress
    Baby Angel Dress
    As low as £30.00
  2. Tiny Bear Top Caramel
    Tiny Bear Top Caramel
    As low as £25.00
  3. Cable Knit Baby Pink
    Cable Knit Baby Pink
    As low as £31.99
  4. Cable Knit Baby Blue
    Cable Knit Baby Blue
    As low as £31.99
  5. Teddy's Picnic PJs
    Teddy's Picnic PJs
    As low as £36.00
  6. Mimi Rose Collars
    Mimi Rose Collars
    As low as £24.99
  7. George Teether Toy
    George Teether Toy
  8. Candy Tug
    Candy Tug
    As low as £7.99
  9. Duo Puppy Blankie & Toy
    Duo Puppy Blankie & Toy
    As low as £26.00
  10. Baby Bear Top Cream
    Baby Bear Top Cream
    As low as £24.00
  11. Baby Bear Top Blue
    Baby Bear Top Blue
    As low as £24.00
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Items 1-36 of 78

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products do you offer for puppies?

PetLondon offers a comprehensive range of puppy products designed to meet all the needs of your new little one. Our selection includes soft puppy beds, warm snuggly blankets, puppy play pens, and training pads. We also provide a large variety of specially designed puppy toys, including comfort toys, squeakers, teething toys, and latex toys to keep your puppy entertained and comfortable.

How do I choose the right bed for my puppy?

Choosing the right bed for your puppy involves considering their size, sleeping habits, and any specific health needs. We offer various types of beds, including pillows, sleeping bags, high-sided beds, tents and covered houses.

What are the benefits of using a harness for my puppy?

Harnesses are beneficial for puppies as they provide better control and distribute pressure more evenly than collars, reducing the risk of injury. Pet London supplies a complete range of walking harnesses that are comfortable, padded, and adjustable. Our harnesses are available in various sizes, fitting breeds from Chihuahuas to Labradoodles, ensuring a perfect fit for your puppy.

What types of toys are best for my puppy?

The best toys for your puppy include a mix of comfort, squeaker, and teething toys. These toys help with dental health, provide mental stimulation, and reduce anxiety. PetLondon offers a variety of puppy toys, including crinkle toys, plush toys, and interactive toys, all designed to cater to your puppy's playful and developmental needs. Consider carefully the size and materials of the toy you are choosing in relation to your dogs breed and habits and always supervise play.

How can I keep my puppy warm during the winter?

To keep your puppy warm during the winter, consider using insulated or thermal coats. PetLondon provides a range of dog coats, including waterproof, insulated, and windbreaker options. These coats are designed to keep your puppy warm and dry, particularly during cold or wet weather

What essentials should I have for bringing a new puppy home

When bringing a new puppy home, it’s essential to have the basics covered. This includes a comfortable bed, blankets, food and water bowls, training pads, a variety of toys, and a harness or collar with a leash. PetLondon offers starter sets and a variety of essential items to help new puppy owners get everything they need. You can also look at our new puppy checklist to ensure you have not forgotten anything.

Are there specific grooming products for puppies?

Yes, grooming is an important part of puppy care. We offer a range of grooming products specifically designed for puppies, including gentle shampoos, conditioners, brushes, and nail clippers. These products help keep your puppy’s coat and skin healthy while making grooming a pleasant experience

What kind of training aids do you recommend for puppies?

Training aids are crucial for effectively teaching your puppy good behavior. PetLondon offers various training aids, including training pads, clickers, and treats. These tools can help with housebreaking, obedience training, and reinforcing positive behavior in your puppy.

How do I ensure my puppy is getting proper nutrition?

Proper nutrition is vital for your puppy’s growth and development. PetLondon provides high-quality puppy food and treats that are specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing puppies. We only carry brands we would use ourselves and we research carefully to only bring you the best. Ensure you choose a balanced diet that supports your puppy’s health

What are the best travel accessories for my puppy?

For safe and comfortable travel, we offer a range of travel accessories including pet carriers, travel beds, and portable food and water bowls. These products are designed to ensure your puppy remains comfortable and secure while on the go, whether you’re traveling by car, plane, or simply taking a short trip