Rainbow Pawzle

Rainbow Pawzle

Introducing the Rainbow Pawzler the ultimate interactive puzzle for dogs! This innovative toy challenges your furry friend's problem-solving abilities and engages their keen sense of smell. With multiple ways to uncover treats, such as sliding the boxes, lifting the lids, or turning the lids, it provides endless entertainment and mental stimulation. Watch as your dog happily sniffs and paws their way to tasty rewards. Get ready for hours of fun and excitement with the Rainbow Pawzler!

The unique modular approach allows you to continuously re-invent the toy. Just rearrange the pawzles or merge bases to keep the fun going.

Why we ❤️ this product:

  • Made from food safe materials
  • Made without sharp edges
  • Dishwasher safe to keep them clean
  • In shades of yellow and blue so dogs can see them 
  • Each purchase donates to charity 
  • Reduces anxiety and destructive behaviour

Each pawzle is designed to mentally engage your dog’s mind and natural instincts through different treat-hiding mechanisms. Just 10 minutes of mental workout can benefit your dog’s well-being as much as 20 minutes of physical activity. This also makes it perfect for rainy days, senior dogs and dogs with injuries.