Ritefit Step-in Harness

Ritefit Step-in Harness
As low as £24.99

Routine just got a smooth upgrade!

The RITEFIT Soft Mesh Harness features  two quick-release buckles which work together with  two velcro straps around the neck to provide comfortable secure customised neck adjustability.  Just undo the clasps around the neck, open the straps and adjust both sides to fit around your dog's neck. A perfect fit solution for dogs that fall between sizes, have wide or very fluffy furry necks, also dog's with bigger heads or dogs that dislike anything passing over their head !

A Harness designed for those 'hard to fit' dogs, due to the adjustable chest belt and   adjustable neck also supporting Double d-rings (more control on walks) as you have choices as to your lead fixing position.  Use one for id tag or a charm and one for clipping your lead onto.

It's no wonder this is one of our most popular Harnesses to date!

This patented Puppia® design makes walks easier for you and your four-legged friend offering your dog a fashionable and comfortable way to walk, run, and play.   The soft and breathable material used in our harnesses puts NO pressure on your dog's neck and helps your dog achieve maximum comfort while you feel secure knowing your dog is safe.




Choice of 11 colours
Matching leads available




Safety Advice
Please remove all packaging and never leave this item unsupervised with your animal. It is recommended to select toys suitable for the playing/chewing habits of your pet as these can vary. Proper supervision is advised when playing with all toys to ensure no accidental swallowing or harm.

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