Complete Dental Creme Toothpaste

Dental Creme Complete is an innovative toothpaste with a discreet mint taste. The high-quality effective formula with antibacterial enzyme is highly complex, with calcium binding ingredients to prevent plaque and tartar. For optimal results, use in conjunction with dual toothbrush or anti-plaque finger. The toothpaste is harmless to swallow.

With the enzyme complex God/LOX, reduces the formation of plaque
Containing calcium-binding ingredients, reduces the formation of tartar
Without fluoride, xylitol, SLS and ALUMINIUMOXYT
Can be swallowed without hesitation
Prevents tartar and bad breath
Inhibits the adhesion of bacteria to the tooth surface
With subtle mint taste, keeps breath fresh longer

Accustom your dog as early as possible to a dental hygiene regime. Use the dental cream complete with the dual toothbrush and anti-plaque finger. Then lift the lips and clean the outer and inner tooth surfaces of the corner and jaw teeth with evenly circular movements.

Important: Do not use toothed creams for humans, these often contain very toxic ingredients for dogs.