Silicone Finger Brush

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To prevent plaque mineralising into tartar and long-term damage to the health of the teeth, plaque should be removed regularly, best daily. The hygienic, simple to clean bogadent® SILICONE FINGER removes dental plaque and prevents the build-up of tartar. The bogadent® SILICONE FINGER is ideally used with our tooth paste bogadent® DENTAL CREME or our DENTAL LIPO-GEL.

The hygienic, simple to clean Silicone Finger removes dental plaque and prevents the build-up of tartar. Removing plaque that mineralises into tartar causing long-term damage to teeth health is best adopted from an early age for improved dental health.

Hygienic, washable and reusable
No emollient (0% bisphenol)
Front side abrasive bristle structure for mechanical abrasion of plaque
Back with pimple structure for gum massage
Ergonomic design, resistant to deformation
Suitable for all finger sizes
Washable and reusable
Usage: 3-4 months if daily used

Application, put the Silicone finger over a moist index finger. Apply dental gel or toothpaste and clean the teeth and spaces in-between the spaces both on the inside and outside of the mouth. Clean for approx. 3 minutes applying gentle pressure. Praise your dog whilst cleaning and reward outwards.
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