Singing Birthday Cake Toy


Let Barkday celebrations commence !


Give your dog their very own Birthday toy treat to celebrate another doggy year! Plush cake with six candles and squeakers plays the 'Happy Birthday' song especially for your favourite pooch! This toy makes the perfect gift to celebrate your dog's birthday. Every time your dog plays with the toy and squeezes the cake it activates the plastic music box to play the well-known song.

Dogs will love to bop along to the sound of the music and have a great time playing with this toy on their birthday, or even on their friends' birthdays.  They'll be thoroughly entertained making them a very happy pooch on their birthday. No matter what age they are turning this cake is sure to impress!

Measured 5.5"

Safety Advice
Please remove all packaging and never leave this item unsupervised with your animal. It is recommended to select toys suitable for the playing/chewing habits of your pet as these can vary. Proper supervision is advised when playing with all toys to ensure no accidental swallowing or harm.