Travel Bowl Large



-CONVENIENT & PORTABLE DOG WATER BOWL - Holds 760 ml of Fresh Water. Folds down to less than 2cm thickness for easy transport. Simply pop up for use and then  fold away when finished
- EARTH FRIENDLY - Reusable travel bowl - eco friendly silicone multi-use bowl. BPA Free & Safe. Matching with current trends reusable water bottles. Essential dog accessory and item for all pet owners.
- DURABLE & FLEXIBLE - Made from tough silicone to withstand lots of use, whether used on daily basis or holidays, adventures or trips. Can be easily rinsed out or wiped clean if used for food.
- EASY FOR STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION: PERFECT DOG OWNER GIFTS. Can be used for dog and cat car travel, dog holidays and travel, puppy crate training. Simply clip onto your dog or cat lead, harness or jacket with the metal carbiner clip. Even to a backpack or trouser loop.

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  • 2 sizes.
  • For use with water, snacks, food and much more!
  • Portable, collapsible travel bowls - great for outdoor or home use
  • Clip for easy transportation
  • Folds down to less than 1/2" - small enough to fit in your pocket or bag
  • Durable, non-porous silicone material is soft and flexible
     big enough for medium and large breeds.