Marple Interactive Dog Puzzle


Introduce your pup to the excitement of 'Problem solving'


Designed to challenge your dog's intelligence a brilliant boredom buster.  Made from 100% wood this puzzle is plastic-free and 100% recyclable.


Why we ❤️ :

  • Place on the ground and watch your pup calculate
    with his paws and nose nudge for hidden rewards
  • Your dog will have to work out how to nuzzle or paw each cover to get the treat inside.
  • Excellent for training, bonding and a fun way to feed your pup drykibble.
  • Essential mental stimulation with a treat reward for
  • Stimulate your pup's brain, whilst learning new techniques
  • Play together
  • Easy to clean  

Mix up different treats to find for added delight. 
The Marple Interactive Dog Puzzle is Level 3 out of a total of 5 Levels.