Adorable little boy with a gorgeous coat who just wants to be loved and he is a very small size. My name means “Bear”. This darling boy is likely a Pekingese mix who would be very loyal and would like nothing more than his own human to follow and to be snuggled with.

This tiny hero was found in a city south of Beijing called XiongAn. His friend, a female dog had been hit by a car, was unable to move and crying for help. XiongXiong stayed with her the whole time and would not leave her side. He is a very loyal friend and truly deserves his own family.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2022 - XiongXiong has found his forever home, he has moved to the countryside just North of London and he is living his best life with his very own garden, long walks and lots of love. This sweet soul continues to grow in confidence and is a joy to those around him.

UPDATE AUGUST 2022 - XiongXiong has just arrived in the UK, he is with a foster family and waiting for his forever family. This sweet boy loves human attention and will ever so lightly tap you with his paw to indicate he would like a rub. He is a very gentle personality.

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